On my 20th birthday summer, seeking an energy supplement amid college exhaustion, I unwittingly ingested a women's vitamin that triggered a severe allergic reaction, landing me in a coma for a week. Surviving this ordeal ignited a mission to research harmful additives in supplements, leading me to establish a plant-based catering company at Tuskegee University. However, COVID-19 shifted my focus to launching a plant-based products venture post-graduation.

Rejuvenation is a plant-based beverage company that was born out of a personal journey and a commitment to providing clean, natural energy solutions.

The founder’s experience of surviving a severe allergic reaction to a synthetic energy supplement led to a deep dive into researching the chemicals present in such products. This journey evolved into a mission to offer a healthier alternative.

Rejuvenation’s product line includes plant-based energy drinks that aim to provide a natural energy boost without the harmful additives found in traditional energy supplements. With a focus on sustainability, Rejuvenation is not only about revitalizing individuals but also contributing positively to the planet.

Still on cloud nine, celebrating this incredible moment and overflowing with gratitude!

Winning the 100K Pharrell Williams Black Ambition prize has been a game-changer for us at Rejuvenation.

From surviving a life-threatening allergic reaction that left me in a coma and on life support to crafting a solution that's all about vitality and wellness, every sip of Rejuvenation is a tribute to second chances.

We're honored and humbled by this win, propelling us to keep spreading positivity and reviving spirits. Join us in the journey to #rejuveyourgroove